2. Blogging in the Classroom

A great post about using blogging in classrooms.

Techie Teachers' Tricks

(Our class blog had 10,000 visitors in its  first 2 months-its link on the right)

Blog Post Agenda:


  1.      Blogging release forms
  2.      Blogging platforms
  3.      The role of your blog
  4.      Initial lessons
  5.      Ideas for blog posts
  6.      Assessing blogs


In an era when collaboration is such a handy option, both teachers and students should find ways to get the most out of it because, just like Vygotsky said, people learn from each other and learning arises from social interactions. I acknowledge the fact that just like I learn from other adults, children can learn from each other. In this era of speed, people don’t have time to reinvent…

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Tips & Tricks: How to get books and articles for free?

Seven years ago, finding books related to the areas of my research was like a headache. This is maybe because I didn’t know more about the power of the Internet. But now, it is like a piece of cake. Taking an online course by Google about searching, following people via social media and spending much time browsing, I have learned some ways that I consider helpful to any researcher. In this post, I will tell you some tips and tricks that can help you to find what you need:

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12 metacognition-modelling strategies for the foreign language classroom

A wow blog post about how to promote metacognition among your students ….

The Language Gym


Metacognitive skills are arguably the most important set of skills we need for our journey through life as they orchestrate every cognitive skill involved in problem-solving, decision-making and self-monitoring (both cognitive and socio-affective). We start acquiring them at a very early age at home, in school, in the playground and in any other social context an individual interacts with other human beings. But what are metacognitive skills?

What is metacognition?

I often refer to metacognition as ‘the voice inside your head’ which helps you solve problems in life by asking you questions like:

  • What is the problem here?
  • Based on what I know already about this task, how can I solve this problem?
  • Is this correct?
  • How is this coming along?
  • If I carry on like this where am I going to get?
  • What resources should I use to carry out this task?
  • What should come first? What should come…

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Metacognition and reflection are NOT synonymous …

InsideMetacognition and reflection are often used interchangeably in educational conversations. However, there is a definite distinction between these two terms. Metacognition is the one that is often misused and understood among educators, teachers and researchers. I always read and hear that it simply means “thinking about thinking.”

What does it mean?

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Snip; a free screenshot tool from Microsoft

snip2Making tutorials for my students and other colleagues is a daily activity as a teacher. I already use Snagit program that helps me to capture my screen, add my annotations, and then save it as an image file. For many years, it works well with me. However, one needs more. That’s why I share with you a free screenshot tool from Microsoft called Snip with many other fabulous features.

Why Snip?

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Whatsapp Group vs Broadcast List

Hi guys,

Here is a great article about the difference between WhatsApp group and broadcast list. Also, you can find some tips about how to use WhatsApp in our classrooms.

Thanks so much Dr Jak for sharing all this information about this app!

Jak's Thoughts

IMG_3621As the result of my survey seem to confirm, Whatsapp is the preferred communication channel amongst my students today. Things are not that easy when using Whatsapp as with other medium. There are two ways that you can mass send messages to your students – Broadcast or a Group. In this post, I outline the differences between the two as well as the advantages and disadvantages. I typically set up both, so that I can use the best possible method for any given situation.

What are the main differences between a Group and a Broadcast List?

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For FREE you can learn: 16 OPTIONS you can choose from!

Student doing online class, moocIt is not the degree of education you have got that matters, but your passion and desire for lifelong learning and updating your knowledge regularly. As a result of the rapid changes in our life maybe because of the technology revolution, we must equip ourselves with many skills that are urgent in the 21st century. I know you are so busy and have no enough time to spend in a face-to-face training for example. Actually, I have the same problem. As a teacher, I have to upgrade my ways of teaching every year under the pressure of my limited time. 

So, what is the solution?

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