My Top Posts in 2015

I did not write a lot this year as I was a little bit busy working on my PhD. Believe me, I missed it so much, but you know time is so limited. I hope 2016 will be a great year full of more learning and thus more reflections to flourish my digital space. Before saying Goodbye to 2015, I just wanted to share some posts that were frequently viewed by my readers.

My selection is based on two criteria:

Metacognition and reflection are NOT synonymous …

InsideMetacognition and reflection are often used interchangeably in educational conversations. However, there is a definite distinction between these two terms. Metacognition is the one that is often misused and understood among educators, teachers and researchers. I always read and hear that it simply means “thinking about thinking.”

What does it mean?

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3 Weeks on WordPress

wordpress-logoI have just finished the Blogging 101 three-week course offered by the Blogging University with the help of the team. As the title says, it takes you from Zero to Hero walking away with a stronger focus for your blog.

Click here to read my reflection about this course and find a link to register for the coming offering starting on August 3 – 21, 2015.

Happy blogging!

What makes a creative teacher?

Retrieved on July 26, 2015Just inspired by Marisa Constantinides’ article “Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher shared on British Council Voices Blog. She suggests highly recommended eight steps that can help teachers develop their creativity in teaching. 

 These are:

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