Register for EdmodoCon Aug 1, 2017 – Free Online Conference


EdmodoCon is an online global event where educators from around the world connect with each other to share how they are using Edmodo and other digital tools to personalize learning. EdmodoCon will help you collaborate with other teachers, discover valuable new resources, and harness the power of edtech in your classroom. Continue reading


FREE Google Online Conference, May 20, 2017

Are you a teacher? google-tools-for-seos

Do you want to update your expertise for FREE?

If yes, here is a great opportunity for K-12 teachers to merge technology into their teaching using Google tools.

It is a FREE online teacher event offered by Simplek12 on May 20, 2017 …

For a day, you will enjoy the following 6 sessions:

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Missed it: Teacher Entrepreneurship Week 2015 Recordings

teacherentrepreneurshipweekConnecting to other educators online and listening to their experiences, tips, and successful practices is my primary pathway to lifelong learning and improving my teaching skills. Teacher Entrepreneurship Week held on August 24-27, 2015 is a great opportunity for teachers to update their expertise and try to cope up with the most recent trends of teaching and learning. 

In case you missed this event, here is all the stuff recorded on YouTube.


Missed the “Creativity in Teaching and Learning” Online Event … Don’t worry!

Are you interested in bringing life into your classrooms and motivate your students to learn and develop their skills in a different way? It is not an easy job I know, but you can do it. In case you missed the online event held by the British Council Seminar Series on Wednesday 24 June, 2015, don’t worry you can watch it now and enjoy all the stuff shared by really creative people like Alan Maley, Marisa Constantinides, Malu Sciamarelli, Nik Peachey and more.  

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2 Events on Creativity for FREE: June 17 & 24, 2015

How it would go if I were a creative teacher? Is it an easy job to start learning creativity? What tools should I have to bring creativity into my classrooms? A lot of questions like that come out when opening discussions around this term. Today, I have found 2 free online opportunities that can help teachers to discover some new ways to improve and foster creativity in them or their students …  

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