About Azhar Youssef

Beside her job as an EFL teacher at a secondary school, Azhar Youssef is a teacher trainer, external reviewer, MA in education holder (2008), PhD student in TEFL using technology, blogger, INTEL Educator (2009), Ideal Teacher (2010), Microsoft Innovative Educator (2011, 2015), Best Educational Wiki Nominee (2011), e-Teacher scholar (2011) certified by universities of Oregon and Maryland, USA, ThinkQuest Competition Judge (2012), one of the Top-voted DNLE Stanford projects’ winners (2012), Coursera Community TA (2013), and lifelong learner who enjoys learning and exploring new things with other people.

FREE Online Course about “Critical Thinking”, Feb. 19, 2018

This FREE 5-week course is a great chance for EFL teachers to know more about critical thinking; what it means, how to design critical thinking lessons, and how to evaluate students’ progress in this area. Teachers will spend much time analyzing numerous examples of related activities and lesson plans preparing them to create and share their own with others to get feedback.

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Icebreaker Activities

It was the first day at Indiana High School.
Students were excited to meet a teacher fromIcebreaker.activities.getting.acquainted
a different country. They designed a poster about
Egypt and prepared 47 questions for me to answer. 

To introduce myself,

I designed 2 activities with the help of
their teacher
Mrs. Lori Dadson.

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Thanks Dr Lara Luetkehans & Dr. LIoyd Onyett
for providing this great chance to be updated with new tools
that can make a difference in our classes.

It was the whole day
From 8:30 AM – 4: 30 PM

Change the way you TEACH with 14 EVO courses for FREE!

Dear English Teachers,

You can choose; to be anyone with nothing to remember or to be the one who always touches heart and attracts mind!

Which one!
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Do you search for a chance to improve the way you teach? Do you want to learn at home? Do you love to discuss and share ideas with other colleagues from all over the world?

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FREE Book: The Image in English language Teaching


I can’t imagine a text without a picture. I’m a visual learner I know, but this kind of art fits most of learners. It is not only a way for bringing life into your classes, but also it provokes your students’ creativity and critical thinking.  Continue reading

Teaching Grammar Communicatively MOOC, Sept. 25, 2017

This free 5-week course is a great opportunity for English teachers to improve their ways to teach grammar in a communicative way. I took it before and it was very amazing. By the end of this experience, teachers will learn new strategies, approaches, perspectives and practical examples that can make a difference in their classes.

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Register for EdmodoCon Aug 1, 2017 – Free Online Conference


EdmodoCon is an online global event where educators from around the world connect with each other to share how they are using Edmodo and other digital tools to personalize learning. EdmodoCon will help you collaborate with other teachers, discover valuable new resources, and harness the power of edtech in your classroom. Continue reading