Tell Your Story in English: FREE course Feb. 27th – Mar. 26th, 2017

tell-your-story-in-english“Tell Your Story in English: Reading & Writing Skills for Language Learners” course is offered by Oregon University for FREE. It is designed to help develop English language skills by reading and writing personal stories. You will learn to write sentences more accurately, choose the right vocabulary, and organize ideas more clearly to tell a story that others enjoy reading. You will meet and work with other English language learners from around the world while improving your English for academic or professional purposes.

It is time to write creatively. Why not?

Enroll Now …

  1. Course Date: Feb 27 – Mar 26, 2017
  2. Duration: 4 weeks
  3. Commitment: 4 hrs/week
  4. Requirement: None
  5. Course Type: Instructor-led
  6. Credential: Badge, Certificate

To be more specific, you will:

  1. Read and discuss short stories.
  2. Increase your vocabulary.
  3. Improve accuracy in sentence structure and past tense use.
  4. Write and revise a story.
  5. Give and receive feedback on stories.
  6. Optionally explore and report on independent study links, activities, and resources.
Kindly find me on my blog “My e-dventures of Writing” where I can share my own stories and reflect on this new experience. 

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