For FREE you can learn: 16 OPTIONS you can choose from!

Student doing online class, moocIt is not the degree of education you have got that matters, but your passion and desire for lifelong learning and updating your knowledge regularly. As a result of the rapid changes in our life maybe because of the technology revolution, we must equip ourselves with many skills that are urgent in the 21st century. I know you are so busy and have no enough time to spend in a face-to-face training for example. Actually, I have the same problem. As a teacher, I have to upgrade my ways of teaching every year under the pressure of my limited time. 

So, what is the solution?

For me, it is learning online …. 

You will not only add more to your expertise, but you will also get connected to other people who are professional and ready to help you to step forward. In addition, you will start creating  your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) through which you can share ideas, tips, tricks, successful practices, … etc. and above all you can form positive attitudes towards learning and development.

To save your time, here is a list of many platforms that offer online courses in a variety of fields for free. You just need a computer with an internet access and some time of your convenience. 

  1. Alison
  2. Coursera
  3. Udacity 
  4. Udemy
  5. edX
  6. Canvas Network
  7. FutureLearn
  8. Open2Study
  9. Open Learning
  10. Stanford Online
  11. NovoEd
  12. iversity
  13. CourseSites
  14. EVO sessions
  15. Blogging University
  16. Codecademy
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Happy learning!

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