What makes a creative teacher?

Retrieved on July 26, 2015Just inspired by Marisa Constantinides’ article “Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher shared on British Council Voices Blog. She suggests highly recommended eight steps that can help teachers develop their creativity in teaching. 

 These are:

  1. Becoming a knowledgeable teacher
  2. Connecting with other teachers
  3. Becoming a collector of teaching ideas
  4. Sharing your learning
  5. Removing the blocks to creative thinking
  6. Practicing your creativity
  7. Starting experimenting and reflecting on your teaching
  8. Making creativity a daily goal    

Reading this article and following many educators and lifelong learners on social media like Twitter, I found that creative people have many things in common; dealing with the issue of how to approach the term creativity, their tips to promote their creative potential, their passion to transfer their experiences to others, encouraging and inspiring others to dig into their inside to find out their hidden abilities, and many more.

All what I perceive is that creativity can be learned through practice, having a knowledge base, and exposing to models and examples. It is not an easy goal to pursue. It needs much time, hard work, motivation, persistence, and above all self-belief.

Have you ever jot down your bright ideas on a piece of paper everyday? Big endeavors and  achievements start with these small things. But you have to do them regularly. Looking at your list from time to time either to review it or add a new one will make you feel proud of yourself ad will surprise with all the capabilities that you have and never recognize before.

Many questions come to my mind when reading Marisa’s list:

What about if I do them all?  Does it mean I am a creative teacher? What criteria or standards can tell teachers they are creative? Is there a checklist that can help? 

Just wondering … !?


4 thoughts on “What makes a creative teacher?

  1. It’s great to be creative as a teacher, in fact almost impossible not to be as a teacher. The problem for many is all the other stumbling blocks in the way. Not the least of which is we don’t assess students creativity, we assess their ability to do what all other students can do, stifling creativity not fostering it.

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    • Oh really you got it. It is the way we assess our students. We deal with them a just one person with only one ability. That’s why I love integrating theories like Multiple Intelligences by Gardner that cares about various abilities of students.

      Something else I want to tell you unless the teacher himself or herself is creative, he/she can’t find out students’ creative potential easily. We need to improve our ways of teaching in a way that can promote creativity and higher-order-thinking … Our students deserve it!
      Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂

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