Happens Today: Reinventing the Classroom Conference

http://reinventingtheclassroom.com/Reinventing the Classroom conference happens TODAY night for two days “Wednesday April 30th and Thursday May 1st, 2014 (May 2nd in some time zones)”. This online free world-wide conference is a unique chance to participate in a collaborative global conversation on innovative classroom uses of ed tech with presentations by your peers. 

To be kept informed of the latest conference news and updates, please join the Reinventing the Classroom network and conference website. Follow conference discussions on Twitter using #reinvent14.  

Conference strands include the following topics:  

  1.  Teaching with Technology
  2.  Student Devices
  3.  Online Learning
  4.  Subject-Specific Ed Tech
  5.  Creative Ed Tech
  6.  Web 2.0 & Social Software
  7.  Administrative Support

Conference keynote Speakers:


To know more about how to attend the sessions, please check the instructions and the schedule here.



One thought on “Happens Today: Reinventing the Classroom Conference

  1. Hi Azhar, I loved the title of this classroom as this is what many of us are starting to achieve. Did you attend many sessions. Living in Australia, meant that many of them were in sleep time, but the fact they were recorded means I can go back and listen to them in my own time. Are there any you would suggest (if you did attend other sessions)


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