Chat on the Fly using

Thanks to Kaushalya Mandaliya, I managed to embed a live chatroom on my blog. You can create your own using [talk·eeo]. It  is a web chat that is open to anyone and channels are owner-free. It seems so easy to use and embed into websites and blogs. I love to use it with my students.They always need instant feedback when working on new projects. However, the public feature is not secure. Anyone can join the discussion and write their messages. The only way to create a little bit private chatrooms is to choose complex names using numbers, letters and character, so spammers can’t see them easily. This tool is a little bit new and of course they will add more features in the future. Let’s wait and hope!

To create a new chat channel, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter a name in the channel field as you see in the screenshot. 

2. After joining, you can login using your name or Twitter.

3. Hit the plus icon “+” to share the URL or invite more people via Twitter.


 4. Click your image on the top left corner to change the theme color, sign out, remove your messages and see how many persons are online.


5. Start chatting with your friends by writing your message in the chat box and press Enter.


To embed your chat, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Embed and click “Open Wizard”.


2. Type your channel name that you have just created.Then, modify the width and height or leave the default settings. You can also customize your theme using CSS.

3. Copy the code and embed it into your website or blog.

 That’s it. Done!



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