Game Elements for Learning

Retrieved July 2, 2013 from here

Another learning adventure just starts on Canvas. It is the Game Elements for Learning (GE4L) professional development Micro-MOOC. It introduces us to game thinking and design, game elements, and a variety of opportunities to gamify and play games. What attracts me is its clear objectives and the short time it takes (Just a month). Having a look at week one, we have a lot of things to do such as trying new tools, creating avatars, tweeting (#GE4L), blogging, attending webinars facilitated by gaming experts, playing game elements, discussing ideas, and sharing experiences. Moreover, I notice a lot of gamification features like points, leaderboard, ambassador badges, and many more things that we will see in the coming weeks. I hear that there are a lot of surprises.I’m looking forward to learning more about games, gamification, and how to create my own products. 

In addition to my Smore page, I shared my avatar that I have created for this course as an introduction to my colleagues using MyWebFace. If you are interested, let’s join us. There is a space for you and your friends.


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